About Us

Committed to Providing Top-Notch Aircraft Sales Services

Dan Jay Aircraft was founded to help each client find best-value planes that fit their strictest specifications. We have been in service since 1994, offering a variety of aircraft that are either OWNED by us or for which we have EXCLUSIVE brokerage agreements. We guarantee our customers real aircraft that we can deliver


Reputation for Reliability and Integrity

We ensure above-exceptional service with integrity and honesty at all times. That’s why most of the transactions we close are with returning customers or new referrals. It is our highest priority to earn our patrons’ trust and respect, building lasting business relationships with a growing network of clientele.

Unrivaled Knowledge and Experience

What sets us apart from most of our competition is our market experience and product knowledge. Combined, these help us represent the most reasonably priced planes that meet our customers’ demands. We optimize our effort and experience to help our buyers shoulder fewer costs even after paying our modest fee.

Dynamic Leadership and Staff

Danford Jay

Danford Jay

Dan Jay has been serving the general aviation industry since 1966. He attended Aviation Operations and Management at San Jose State University and began his professional career as an airline passenger service agent and flight instructor. Eventually Dan came to manage the nation’s largest wholesale distributorship of Piper Aircraft, ATCO Group.

A Seasoned Aviation Professional
After almost 4 decades in the industry Dan has accumulated over 14,000 flight hours in an untold number of aircraft. His time as an aviation professional has given him unrivaled skills and competencies to recommend the best airplanes for any type of mission, be it business or pleasure.

Sandra Jay

Sandra Jay

Sandra and Dan Jay have been married for more than 49 years. The enterprising husband-and-wife duo has partnered in the growth of their company, with Sandy taking charge of the administrative and sales support aspects since day one. Her love for the business is driven by the flexibility that aviation provides for a diversity of customers in need.

Love for Planes, Flights, and Family
Sandy likes to think of planes as time machines. She is always quick to suggest trips to new, thrilling destinations, making sure there are adequate stopovers along the way. She and her husband are also grandparents to two adorable children, both of whom can’t wait to join the couple’s next big trip!

Heather Jay

Heather Jay

After graduating from California State University, Chico (Chico State), Heather went on to accomplish ATP SE/ME, CFI with 4,780 flight hours. She is a very active young lady and is a valuable asset to our business. When she isn’t busy helping us grow our firm, she flies a Cessna 421B for a local aerial firefighting company.
She is also SIC type rating in the BAE 146, a four-engine firefighting tanker. She owns a 7KCAB American Champion Citabria and loves to fly aerobatics in her free time. 
A Top-Level Realtor
Heather is also a licensed Realtor with unrivaled knowledge of the local real estate market. She leverages her skills in aviation as a tool to give clients a comprehensive and truly breathtaking bird’s-eye view of scenic Chico and neighboring areas in California. This way, her customers can have a more comprehensive look at the homes and communities best suited to their needs and preferences.

Our Location

In 2002, our professionals orchestrated a move from the San Francisco Bay Area to Chico, the lovely locale dubbed the “City of Trees”. This relocation created a better, more stress-free workspace from which we can better serve every customer. Rest assured that we can guarantee fast and responsive service at all times, regardless of your location and proximity to our office.

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